Known Problems / Basic Troubleshooting

Step 2 of registration (details), can't enter my email and name.

Try a different browser, and please make sure Adblock is turned off on Simplo. After exhausting all of our suggestions, please let us know via chat, and we'll manually enter your information into our systems.

Error -"Invalid Information"

If so, please enter and save a VALID email for you to complete step 2.

How can I complete the Captcha?

Click the Captcha box and follow the directions to complete the Captcha.

Error - "Only one key per household”

Sorry, that means that there are multiple active Simplo users originating from your internet connection. This can happen on university campuses or any shared internet setting.

Not meeting the required level 3 Steam requirement.

Claiming keys on Simplo requires a minimum of a level 3 Steam profile. This is very easy to do and is free, we cannot help users who do not meet the requirement.

Errors involving the Twitch task.

Please just try again, if you have Twitch problems.

Can't see the login button.

Scroll down on giveaway events, as the login is towards the end of the event widget.

Contact us via the Support Chat feature if your problem isn't solved with the info above.