Our Mission

From day one, our goal has been highlighted by one question, which we asked ourselves. How can we make giveaways better? After much work by our team, going through rough sketches, beta designs and systems, our work all came down to form Simplo. A truly better way to giveaway. We want to unite communities and users to be able to claim free Steam keys from a simple to use, fine tuned platform. Our team currently works with multiple communities to allow them to use our platform, to run their events. To be able to run events as well on our platform, follow the process here.

Our Work

On a random basis, we release events which allow users to claim free Steam keys after completing a set of tasks. All of our events feature game keys obtained directly from publishers, ensuring 100% authenticity. If any issues with our keys persist, our team will proceed to provide compensation for users experiencing problems with our keys.

Lit Network

Simplo is funded and managed by the Lit Network. The Lit Network is an operating agency, heading multiple community projects. We have multiple promotional services to offer via Simplo, learn how you can grow your brand with us here.


Keys Claimed




Tasks Completed